History Of The Shave

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For more than a hundred thousands years man has at one period or another removed unwanted hair purely for the purpose of human hygiene and today not much had changed. Razors seemed to quickly elvove from the beach shell to metal and become quite sharp around the 18th century.

French inventor Jean-Jacques Perret had come up with the idea of removing the facial hair while in the bathroom, along came the safety razor, he installed a wooden guard onto a straight razor and from there the design kept evolving well into the 19th century, into a straight razor with swivel guards which was also had become the handle. The problem which people faced now was that the blade would have to be removed regularly and hand sharpened on stone, Wallah then came replaceable blades a bright idea from salesman known as King C. Gillette in 1895.

Nearly a decade later and some help from some friends it eventually turned out to be a money making win that never ended for Gillette, he eventually worked out how to make them smaller thinner and sharper. Gillette was selling more than 300,000 razors a year and over a decade later it was a leading brand around the house.

By the mid 50’s hair removal came in all shapes and forms from electric to wax from colour and design to cordless rotating heads, the advertising is mind blowing but some things just stay the same after using all these methods, we like to keep it simple when it comes to a nice clean shave.

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Every Man Deserves A Great Shave

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Some see it as an annoyance, but it’s much more than that: turn shaving into a great experience. I mean, hey, there are a few things that really define men and set us apart. One is facial hair – and since most of us don’t want to look like cavemen – shaving is a necessity. But why keep it as a mere chore to be dreaded? Such manliness should be celebrated! You deserve a great shave with quality handles and razors.

A great shave, you say, what is that?

No worries, I shall show you the way. But beware, if you try this and make it your new shaving ritual, you’ll never look at shaving the same way again. So, say goodbye to the prickly, uncomfortable chore, and welcome to your new, improved, great shave thanks to shavecrew!

Get Some Goodies Women have bags upon bags of makeup, hair products and even machines, I think. So get some goodies of your own. I’m talking shave tools of the trade here. I mean, come on, we’re men. This is what you need:

Learn how to shave Don’t just drag a razor across your face. Remember the tools I mentioned? So, you’ll need those, some time and hot and cold water. A great shave is all about making your whiskers nice and soft and using the razor as few times as possible over your face. First, wash your face with the nice gentle facial cleanser – not harsh soap! We’re men, but we can do with some nice soft care for our faces. Use hot water; it helps soften things up as well. Then, use a brush to apply shaving cream. I know, it sounds a bit silly, the whole brush thing, but believe me, it makes a difference. It gets the cream in there nicely.

To really soften up your hair let it stand for a few minutes before getting in there with a new razor. Meanwhile, brush your teeth, continue showering – heck - read a book for a few minutes or meditate. Good things come to those who wait.

Then, start shaving. Please go with the grain. Going against the natural direction of your hair is disaster – you’ll end up irritated and with ingrown hairs. Remember, facial hair changes directions around the chin. Look out. We recommend the 3 Blade or 5 Blade depending on the grade of whiskers as either those two will cause less irritation due to the aloe strips provided. The real key here is that it’s good quality and sharp. Leave the straight blades to the pros, though – you’ll just hurt yourself. Finally, finish by rinsing with cool water. It does something for your pores and lessens irritation.

It’s a ritual Remember, a great shave, for you – a great man – means going the extra mile and taking that time for grooming. Think of it as a great moment to pump yourself up for your day or spend those minutes focusing yourself and thinking about all of the good things in your life. Your face and your life will appreciate it.

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The Great Razor Rip off

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Major Shaving brands often cause their customers to pay a large amount of dollars for a blade system of their razor design. Rather than paying for overpriced razors and blades it’s possible that you could be enjoying cost savings and on a perfectly functional razor blade system that is capable of leaving your skin soft and producing a shave that could rival even the best three blade pivoting head.

When you go to the supermarket or the pharmacy to purchase new razor blades it's possible that your first thoughts maybe turn to buying the best new razor blade on the market that has a brand-new feature. Whether a new razor contains a special vibration device, a pivoting head up or just another blade in its construction, that doesn't make it a better razor. Which brings me to Straight razors and double blade safety razors can also deliver the same quality shave if not better and without an extra five cent piece of plastic or gimmick behind them.

The best shave today still comes from devices that aren't endorsed by celebrities or made by the world's largest razor companies. Our Shavecrew 3 blade or 5 blade with any of the metal alloy handles can be swapped in and out of our razor system for just a few dollars per package.

Overall today's razor market is a huge ripoff. Our skin reacts much better to a soap and shave ritual with a single blade razor than any other razor on the market. The reason why electric shavers and disposables are so popular is because they're safe and their fast. A really good shave takes time and it isn’t meant as a chore.

Don’t fall victim to the great razor ripoff. Be a smart consumer and try out a 3 blade or 5 blade system razor refills to start saving money and enjoying a better shave.

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Taking Charge Of Your Face

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OK, so you wanna turn heads and look cool with a clean hairless face or a new beard style. But to do that, you need to know a few shavecrew basics first.

Wet shaving: There are so many brands of razors, blades and travel kits available in the market today. With the advent of shaving gels and expandable gels, it is sometimes difficult to get a rich and thick lather. The longer your beard, the more you’d need a brush to spread out the gel or foam with minimum waste. So for wet shave, you need to find yourself a good shaving brush with fine bristles that can absorb water and soap, and mix them to create lather, to produce an effective emollient. In other words, a fine brush will improve the results of using gel or foam.

The Razor: A razor should be able to give you a close shave without hurting your skin. Cheap razors can cause irritation, bumps, and ingrown hair. Thinner and finer blades that are easy to clean are standard but to prevent blade chatter, some products feature a blade stabiliser. A flexing head is sometimes featured but some users actually prefer a steady fixed-head because fixed heads will help you master grasp, tilt and force. Most travel kits offer blades with a lubrication strip to prevent tug and pull and thus prevent irritation.

Platinum coated blades are the best option when it comes to sharpness and durability. But beginners must learn the ropes by learning to use double edged safety razors. We think its best not to attempt using safety razors after a big night out as you require a steady hand. Safety first for safety razors.

Gels versus Hard Milled Soaps: The purpose of the gel or cream or soap is to get a shave with the minimum nicks and cuts. The problem with Gels and creams is the amount of unsafe chemicals in them compared to soap. Soaps are softer and do not lack in the fragrance department.

The Fact is: Just as the best car does not guarantee a perfect drive, nor the best stove and pans does not guarantee the tastiest dish, likewise brushes, blades and gels do not guarantee a perfect shave. It takes nicks, pain and lots of practice to get that.

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