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OK, so you wanna turn heads and look cool with a clean hairless face or a new beard style. But to do that, you need to know a few shavecrew basics first.

Wet shaving: There are so many brands of razors, blades and travel kits available in the market today.  With the advent of shaving gels and expandable gels, it is sometimes difficult to get a rich and thick lather.  The longer your beard, the more you’d need a brush to spread out the gel or foam with minimum waste. So for wet shave, you need to find yourself a good shaving brush with fine bristles that can absorb water and soap, and mix them to create lather, to produce an effective emollient. In other words, a fine brush will improve the results of using gel or foam.

The Razor: A razor should be able to give you a close shave without hurting your skin.  Cheap razors can cause irritation, bumps, and ingrown hair.  Thinner and finer blades that are easy to clean are standard but to prevent blade chatter, some products feature a blade stabiliser. A flexing head is sometimes featured but some users actually prefer a steady fixed-head because fixed heads will help you master grasp, tilt and force. Most travel kits offer blades with a lubrication strip to prevent tug and pull and thus prevent irritation.

Platinum coated blades are the best option when it comes to sharpness and durability.  But beginners must learn the ropes by learning to use double edged safety razors. We think its best not to attempt using safety razors after a big night out as you require a steady hand. Safety first for safety razors.

Gels versus Hard Milled Soaps: The purpose of the gel or cream or soap is to get a shave with the minimum nicks and cuts. The problem with Gels and creams is the amount of unsafe chemicals in them compared to soap.  Soaps are softer and do not lack in the fragrance department.

The Fact is: Just as the best car does not guarantee a perfect drive, nor the best stove and pans does not guarantee the tastiest dish, likewise brushes, blades and gels do not guarantee a perfect shave. It takes nicks, pain and lots of practice to get that.   

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