The Great Razor Rip off

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Major Shaving brands often cause their customers to pay a large amount of dollars for a blade system of their razor design. Rather than paying for overpriced razors and blades it's possible that you could be enjoying cost savings and on a perfectly functional razor blade system that is capable of leaving your skin soft and producing a shave that could rival even the best three blade pivoting head.

When you go to the supermarket or the pharmacy to purchase new razor blades it's possible that your first thoughts maybe turn to buying the best new razor blade on the market that has a brand-new feature. Whether a new razor contains a special vibration device, a pivoting head up or just another blade in its construction, that doesn't make it a better razor. Which brings me to Straight razors and double blade safety razors can also deliver the same quality shave if not better and without an extra five cent piece of plastic or gimmick behind them.

The best shave today still comes from devices that aren't endorsed by celebrities or made by the world's largest razor companies. Our Shavecrew 3 blade or 5 blade with any of the metal alloy handles can be swapped in and out of our razor system for just a few dollars per package. 

Overall today's razor market is a huge ripoff. Our skin reacts much better to a soap and shave ritual with a single blade razor than any other razor on the market. The reason why electric shavers and disposables are so popular is because they're safe and their fast. A really good shave takes time and it isn’t meant as a chore.

Don’t fall victim to the great razor ripoff. Be a smart consumer and try out a 3 blade or 5 blade system razor refills to start saving money and enjoying a better shave.

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