About Us


Good question! We had been asking ourselves every time we went shopping for razors, why are we paying these crazy prices for low quality product by a big brand because it has a NASA inspired fancy orbital ring to the name. Basically we got sick of being ripped off, and so should you. We all get confused looking at the huge range of over priced blades at the supermarkets and pharmacies, so buying top quality handles & blades online has taken all the guess work out of it.


We decided to design and manufacture a better, heavier, higher quality alloy metal handle, with the same high quality lubricating stainless blades for less than half the price of the plastic crap that is still on sale in stores now. No hidden fees, no distributors, no big branding names & bullshit advertising, just top quality products that we can deliver straight to your door.


What it is, it’s a great handle in 3 different colours, precision metal alloy with rubber grip. It’s time to start looking after and protecting your hansom baby face by changing your blades on a regular basis and at these low prices it’s now possible.

No need to stretch one more day out of your old blunt rusty ass blades. We recommend using a new cartridge each week for maximum comfort.